It's Sean's Bargain Bin Book Reviews time again, featuring one of Canada's greats, Rick Mercer, with Rick Mercer Report: The Book.

20545464 10154727045491846 6940741399959000845 oTo be honest, 40% is well above my threshold for what I'd call bargain bin. Usually, it would be more than 50% off. Okay, I'm totally making that up arbitrarily as I write this, but unless I'm contravening some kind of international bargain bin book review law and am about to be hauled off to The Hague or the UN or some fucking thing, what's it to you? In fact, this book came from a grocery bag of books my aunt gave me, so I'm setting the price at $0.05. (We can call it a bargain bag book review if it makes you feel better.) But I digress...

I love Rick Mercer, always have, always will. I get a kind of, "Yeah, but he'd be a miserable guy to hang out with unless you're famous" kind of vibe off him, like most comedians, but I could be wrong. Maybe he's just your average, down home, affable East Coaster, and it's just that he's clearly smarter than me - than most, actually. I'm sure I'll never know, even though I've tagged him (and no doubt annoyed him.) His "rants" have become the stuff of Canadian legend - there are several contained therein - and his Talking to Americans is classic, if not a little mean for your average Canadian. 

This book is also a cheat for review because it is so old, published in 2007. (Side note: I forgot to add depreciation to the price above, so let's call it an even penny. Seems fair, as they actually existed when this book first came out. Sorry about your luck, Rick. I can e-transfer a few bucks if you'd like.)

Okay, so...the review. I should get to that. Well, given that it's a current affairs book for all intents and purposes, reading it almost 10 years after the fact seems a little ridiculous. I mean, I was fucking there, man. But still, the book actually evoked some familiar feelings - some laughs for sure, but mostly anger. Goddamn I hated Stephen Harper and the CPC. I mean, really, these assholes were the Canadian (and therefore cheaper by $0.30 on the dollar) template for what's going on today south of the border, and whether you like Trudeau or not, I shudder to think what may have happened if Harper had managed to snag another majority. The fact that he held on for the better part of a decade AFTER this book was released is astonishing to me, and if there is any question at all that Canada couldn't slide into a shit show like the one we're witnessing today in the outhouse basement below us, this book answers it. Fuck. King. Right. We. Could.

Anyway, it was a trip down memory lane that made me chuckle and shudder at the same time. They do say those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. That's why I reread 1984 earlier this year. (Also not recommended if you ever want to fall asleep again until at very least the U.S. mid-term elections.)

But, unless you're a bit of a masochist, or are just plain out of books to read, I'm not sure I'd recommend picking this up. Frankly, it's kind of embarrassing to look at the smug Canadian in the mirror and know we had a baby Trump before he was even a twinkle in the Republican Party's eye.