"Live Through This" Album

One of the things I love the most about this record is how organically it came together. I admire Brian Dunn and Mark Browning as songwriters, and I knew when it opened that Cosmic Dave’s Guitar Emporium would have the right vibe. Seriously, an old diner converted into a guitar shop that morphs into a recording studio on weekends and evenings like some kind of musical superhero? Can’t go wrong.


What was so beautiful about this project was the willingness of friends, not only to participate, but to pour their heart, soul and creativity into my songs. It was all about friends and family right from the start. I love the vibe around this album, and I hope you will too. From laying out food for break on the old Boomer's counter, hanging out with great musicians and friends, family coming by, my sister taking photos for the cover, to my friend Rox doing the graphic art and my good friends Mitch and Tracey at ORP.ca putting together a great website for me, this whole project has had a friendly feel.

They say if you want to catch water, you don't try to grab it - you just hold out your hand. Everything about this project has unfolded exactly as I would have hoped - better even. So I'll just let it be what it's going to be.

When I set out to make this, I wanted it to be the kind of record that comes along rarely - one that starts strong and finishes just as strongly. It will be up to you to decide whether I succeeded or not, but I love this album, I love the songs, and I love the people around it.

I hope you do too.