Malcolm Burn remix announcement

This past January I received a friend request from Malcolm Burn. I was gobsmacked. Malcolm isn't a household name for everyone, but he sure is for me. He has produced two of my favourite start to finish albums - Junkhouse's Strays and Chris Whitley's Living With the Law. Both huge records for me, and both factoring into some of my favourite memories, like jamming the Replacements song I'll Be You with Tom Wilson on the Junkhouse tour bus, and, oh, dancing with Lara to our first song as husband and wife, Whitley's Big Sky Country. So, you get it now, right? HUGE moments, produced by this man, and an out of the blue friend request to an unknown songwriter. Crazy. (One of these days I'll ask him how this came about.)

Once you delve into his discography and credits, it gets gets crazier.

Here's a short list - Blue Rodeo, Daniel Lanois, Midnight Oil, the Neville Brothers, Charlie Sexton Sextet, Bob Dylan...and Emmylou Harris, with whom he won a Grammy!  

I sent Malcolm Live Through This, just to say "thanks." When Signs came out, I sent it along too, because, why not? A few weeks ago Malcolm got back to me, and this part sat me down, or, more literally, made me jump around run hollering for my wife, Lara!

He said he liked my voice, thought the songs were great, and was wondering if Signs was a completely finished project, or if I'd be willing to let him have a crack at remixing Signs. That took a bit of processing, but I very quickly changed the period I had put on the project to a comma and...


The master tracks are already down in New York, and work is beginning as we speak. Kind of cool, what with today (Monday, November 4th) being my birthday!! I am so excited to hear it I can hardly stand it!