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New album has "friends and family feel"

Aug 25, 2011 - By: Jenny Jelen - Northern Life

Every time Sean Barrette listens to his album, he hears something new that makes him smile. Sometimes it’s a keyboard arrangement, and other times it’s the expression his father uses while singing a particular harmony.

Sean Barrette - Northern Life Article

Every time he listens, he hears something that still gives him goosebumps.

The process of making his debut album was similar to the end result.

“Everything about it has been relatively effortless,” he said.

Considering the album, Live Through This, was made with help from some long-time musicians, it only makes sense.

Local artists like Stephanie Fyfe, Luke Selle, Matthew Graveline, Brian Dunn, Nick Krawczuk, Marc Donato, Matt Foy, Peter Learn and Don Kunto all appeared on Barrette’s “wish list,” as well as on the album.

The real challenge for Barrette, he said, was committing to make the album. It’s not every day a person decides to make a CD. Especially not a 40-year-old, with a wife and two kids, who has played guitar for less than a quarter of his life.

Maturity has proven to be an asset. Barrette said his good and bad experiences have “blessed” him, giving him meaningful content to work into his songs.

“I’ve got that advantage,” he said. Some of his music reflects the hard time he faced when his best friend, Reggie Wainman, passed away, and others reflect on more jovial times.

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