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sean 2 190x190 1Big Mouth Consulting & Creative Services offers communications management and PR consulting, corporate and creative writing, media and social media advice, voice-over (commercial ads, video narration, and voice acting) to businesses and organizations of any size (and selected charities on a pro-bono basis). I have also ventured into the recruiting and corporate human relations realm. (I am also a singer-songwriter with three albums to my credit - see the other part of my website.)

In the Beginning

I have been a professional in media and the related fields of communications management, public relations, and promotions/marketing since I was a 17-year-old high school student. (My first on-air radio shift was on July 1st, 1988 – Canada Day – on AM/58 in Kapuskasing, Ontario.)

Radio and a Big Mouth

In the 30+ years since, I have been a radio announcer, music director, program director, copywriter, news reader, commercial voice-over artist, and voice-actor. In 2002, I founded Big Mouth Productions, offering services such as public relations and media relations, publicity, and full-service ad campaign planning (including creative writing and voice-over.) I did a bit of everything, even dabbling in live cooking demonstrations, food product development, menu planning, and food preparation.

The Health Care System Years

In 2004, I was hired by Health Sciences North in Sudbury – Northern Ontario’s largest tertiary care hospital – as their Media Relations Officer, where I honed my PR, speech writing, and crisis communications skills. (During my six year tenure at HSN, I became so well acquainted with crisis communications that the Ontario Hospital Association requested that I speak at their annual hospital PR conference, a presentation I called, “Fires and Babies and Bombs, Oh My!”)

After participating in the successful amalgamation of three hospital sites into one, in 2010 I was recruited by the North East Community Care Access Centre, a diverse, regional community and home care organization with 700 staff and 30 sites spread out across northeastern Ontario (an area roughly the size of Germany), where I managed Organizational Communications and also did community outreach. 

On My Own Again - With Friends

In 2016 I struck out on my own to devote myself full time to Big Mouth Consulting & Creative Services Inc. I have worked extensively in Canada and the United States as a communications and change management, and organizational culture expert in the mining, health, and manufacturing sectors. (I am Prosci-certified in Change Management and OCAI-certified to use the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument, and internationally recognized culture measurement tool.)

I also come with an extensive network of professional colleagues, friends, and acquaintances that I can tap for any specific project requirements, from design to marketing, video production to project management, sponsorship to sales - if I don't do it I'll tell you, but you can bet I know someone who does!


The bottom line at Big Mouth Consulting & Creative Services? It's REAL talk for REAL people, clients and audiences alike. Service without a doubt. No confusing sales pitches, no wasted words. Clear and straight to the point. What lights me up is building relationships, making connections, seeing the big picture, and leveraging my diverse background and skills to create a personalized experience that inspires confidence and trust in my clients. 

How can I help YOU? 

Are you ready for a different and genuine experience? Call today so we can discuss your project. (705) 929-9572.

“With years of community experience as a communications expert, Sean has the creativity, technical skills and know-how to support teams working in a multitude of sectors. More importantly, Sean consistently proves that empathy and generosity contribute directly to team dynamics, projects and outcomes. He is a great collaborator, inspires confidence and breathes humanity and passion into everything he does.”

Yves Doyon - Senior Partner/Strategist at DOYON + 

"If you want someone who has an innate ability to pinpoint the crux of any given issue and give you a solution that will WORK, Sean is your man. An intuitive problem-solver with decades of experience, Sean will meet and exceed your expectations using his trademark honest and engaging style."

Nancy Griffin – Professor, Communications, Cambrian College