About Sean

I'm a songwriter from Copper Cliff, ON. My perfect day? Wake up, kiss my wife and kids, throw on some jeans, pick up a guitar, and write for a living. It's a work in progress. Aside from writing songs, I've spent about 30 years working in radio, PR, and media-related industries. But I'm always a songwriter first.

Sean Barrette, Anderson Museum, Lively Ontario

In July 2011 I released my debut album "Live Through This" to critical acclaim. In other words, enough people thought it was good enough that they spent a few bucks on it, and I was able to pay to record another one. So in July 2013, I released my second record, "Signs". My friends and family tell me it's awesome, so I'm going with that.

And then THAT happened...

2014 was a pretty big year. Malcolm Burn, a Grammy-award winning producer (look for his quote and creds to the right), got in touch with me and agreed to remix Signs. There was some national exposure with The Puckhogs as co-writer of For the Love of the Game, which placed runner up out of over 1000 entries in the national 2013 CBC Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest. And that year I was also introduced to legendary producer Alan Glass (again, see the box on the right), with whom I achieved cross-Canada airplay with a Glass-produced radio remix of Cool Side of the Pillow.

In 2015, Alan and I teamed up again to record a new Christmas tune called Angel on My Tree, (which was also co-written with my daughter Marley, who provided the hook.) More nationwide airplay followed, and we continue to build the song into a holiday classic. 

To be continued...

The new Puckhogs record was released in June 2019, and there's more solo stuff to come. 

It's been a hell of a fun ride, and I've had the support of a lot of really great people. I'm always interested in opportunities to collaborate, make connections, and meet cool, creative people and enlightened souls who see the big picture, and value harmony, love, and peace...and who also tell badass jokes, swear, eat and drink too much, and like having a lot of laughs.

If that sounds like you, look me up!